Industry Overview:

India’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is poised to gain a global leadership position and is expected to touch $354 billion in sales by 2020 from the current $52 billion. Indian healthcare industry alone spends $244 million a year in Information Technology (IT) and is expected to grow at 12% per annum. Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare sector is expected to lead the world in terms of mergers and acquisitions. Between April 2000 and February 2012, the Indian drug and pharmaceutical industry attracted foreign direct investment worth $ 9174 million and hospital and services sector attracted an FDI of $1340 million. Increasing middle class population, medical infrastructure improvement and establishment of Intellectual property rights is fuelling the growth of this industry.

Indian market is first of its type where large numbers of multinational players are very active. It opens up numerous opportunities especially in supply chain management, capital management and asset management.

Hiring Trends:

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry continues to be one of the leading employment provider sectors in the country. The overall hiring is expected to increase by 14-17% for next few years. Health Insurance, expansion to tier II and tier III cities and increase in foreign direct investment are the key drivers of employment growth. Increase in Research and Development in pharmaceutical sector and medical tourism are also creating new employment avenues.

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